François Thuillier is part of the new generation of tuba players who juggles notes. He enjoys spending jazz and improvised music to symphony orchestra …
Last November with the harmony of Chenôve he played There no smoke without a siren song , concerto for tuba and harmony of Jean-Marie Machado. This concert opened the session somewhat towards the harmonies he runs in the Gold Coast as part of his residence.
François Thuillier tells us here about his work with the harmonies and the provision of a new directory


Guitar virtuoso Sylvain Luc uses on his last recording Amber, the instrument as a band and that in the heat of improvisation. Here we follow his musical career.
J.CMF: After classical training in violin class in the conservatory, cello, how your music choices are made ​​…
Sylvain Luc: Parallel to my classical studies taught me a lot, I followed guitar lessons was not taught at the time at the conservatory. But it is the instrument that I always wanted to play. My tastes are then carried naturally to jazz, while remaining fascinated by the beautiful song, its format and its power on memory. As the title says, it is “3 minutes 40 happiness” …
J.CMF: A native of the Basque Country, you have left the area, it has become?
SL: After various musical experiments in jazz duet with a singer and together with my older brother … I had the desire to go up to 22 years in Paris to realize dreams, including that of playing with drummer André Ceccarelli. In my heart I had set myself to return to the Basque Country if I could not work quickly, but everything went fairly quickly. And in Paris, I meet musicians from totally different culture.